Gregory V. Boulware

A poem danced around for a while in my mind…It said something about a tree. Is there nothing as lovely as a tree? While pondering and reminiscing my college days, I began to stare and marvel at the wondrous magnificence and beauty of a tree…the things or benefits it provides.

In an impending paperless society, I wonder…will society – the average citizen truly appreciate the beauty and magnificence of nature or are we to succumb to a life-long dependence upon technology and the materialistic joy it provides?

Vista has proven to be a disappointment, even though Microsoft says “its selling like hot cakes,” reported Walter S. Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal. He goes on to say, “You should be demanding some basic features when buying a Personal Computer.” Based on his opinion, Mr. Mossberg says it’s clear that many Vista PCs start up more slowly than new PCs running its predecessor, Windows XP, or even well worn Macs. And how about Apple’s Ipod, the Kindle, Notepads, Notebooks, and other tech-reading devices? Dell’s Vostro models allow you to opt out of trial software. “This allowance has been a matter of fact based upon the order of higher-priced versions of XP’s models,” says Mossberg.

I don’t know…my several year old HP/Windows XP Professional fulfills my needs pretty good – at least for now. It works pretty damn good too. I have found this system to be very reliable. How many of you remember the psychologist, Abraham H. Maslow? Do you remember his theory on the hierarchy of needs, i.e., a persons needs are arranged in a priority order (physiological needs are air, shelter, food, elimination, love, belonging, safety, security, self esteem, and self actualization) of importance? Only an unsatisfied need can influence behavior; a person will at least minimally satisfy each level of need before feeling the need at the next level, yes? If satisfaction is not maintained for a need, it will become a priority need…would you not agree? Yes, his theory addresses the human need hierarchy, but would it not also apply to a person who wishes to acquire a personal computer? I think many of us would agree that it does.

Admittingly, my tech skills are somewhat diminished if not extinct as compared to the current technological playground. I heard a commercial ad on the radio regarding cell-phone technology and upgrading. The character in the ad mentioned how his work and classmates laughed at him when he pulled out his cell-phone. They called it a “Dinosaurus Ex” or something extinct as benchmarked with their up to date or current hi-tech cell-phone devices. Their toys were equipped with all the latest nuances and other applications as well. Some of them even described their state-of-the-art “Blue-Tooth” alliances within the world of communication and entertainment. His cell-phone didn’t and couldn’t do what theirs did…he was happy that it had access to the Internet. He, the character, also described himself to be totally embarrassed because his device couldn’t do what theirs did. So he was encouraged…urged…persuaded to run out and buy a new phone. I wondered – why? My old “LG” cell-phone also suits my mobile communication needs…and desires. Why should anyone be coerced into purchasing technology they don’t use or need? Let’s face it; people do what people do to keep up with the Jones’ and to satisfy the need in a technologically sociological sweet tooth enticement or brainwashing effect. We have all become dependent on technology in one-way or another. How can we (could we, would we) cure this impairment – this disease – this ailment – this dependence?   

This author stopped, stooped, and smelled a flower the other day. It was a rose. He watched some birds hanging out – flocking if you will. He made fists with his toes in the grass at the park. He then smiled at the clouds and the sky above. This author, with peace and contentment, marveled at the trees – without the need for technology. A paperless world and society, hmm…I wonder?  What did people do before there was technology? Today, hunting and fishing is considered a sport…yesteryear it was considered a need. Technology has its place in this world…as a tool to help humankind. It should not be relied upon as a dependence.

Mossberg suggested in his article, some tips, if you’re shopping for a new Windows PC. If you’re going to buy a Mac, you may wisely opt to examine “The Leopard” or the OS X called “The Tiger.” The option for Vista, he says, “A best choice would be a version called Home Premium.” This software package is considered to be a best choice for the average consumer. It includes all of the new graphics and multimedia features. The Home Basic version is also available for many low-end PCs – a stripped down version of Home Premium. Vista Business is a version that can link to several kinds of corporate networks. The Ultimate is a high-end and expensive piece of technology that includes the features of both home and business versions.  

Crippling trial versions of programs targeted toward consumers can take up space and slow down any type of software-hardware device. These “Craplets and Software Junk” can bring a computer to its knees with crashes, blue-screens, and other computer commandeering; highly magnified hacker induced spider-like attractions of Malware and/or Viral infections to your PC.

The suggested way to go is to purchase at least one Gigabyte (a Gigabyte is approximately one billion bytes – one billion ticks of the system clock is identified as one Gigahertz (GHz) of processing speed, i.e., clock speed, clock rate, one million ticks equates to one Megahertz (MHz) of the system clock – Mega is million while Giga means billion – one bit equals one character and eight bits equals one byte) of memory for Home Basic and not less than two Gigabytes for other Vista versions. A Discrete Graphics Card has its own memory for Flashy Graphical Interface operations. Be aware of some integrated graphic systems as they may claim some of your main memory via an approach called shared memory.

A Dual-Core Processor should be fine for Vista with Intel or AMD. The processor speed will be fine with added memory – it does more for performance.

Don’t scrimp on storage space. An average PC should come with 300 Gigabytes of Hard-Drive Disk Space. A new PC should always come with a comparable and reasonable price. I like to utilize Flash Drives (Jump Drives or Thumb Drives) for extra storage and back-ups.

When purchasing your new computer at a retail store, check the performance rating Microsoft builds into it. You can access this data by clicking “show details” or “show more details” (In Vista). If the rating is below 3.0 on a Home Premium Model, avoid it (the computer purchase) like the plague – IT’S CRAP. You would need (or want) a 3.5 or higher for best to maximum results.

For a versatile Vista PC with Home Premium, two Gigs of memory, discrete video, and a large hard drive with a dual-core processor…expect to pay $800.00 bucks or more. The bargain basement PC or Mac can be purchased for under $400.00 pieces of legal American Tender.

I don’t know about you…I still like my Old XP and LG cell-phone. The XP allows me all the comforts of Office Tools, Multimedia, Games, and Internet access. I only need to make and receive mobile telephone calls when I’m away from my landline.

Mind you, I’ve been out of school (College and Tech Training) for about five years. Technology tends to change/grow for the better part of three to six months (and even sooner). My tech-savvyness may be suffering a bit of “jet-lag”…so “Caveat Emptor!”


When purchasing a new computer, it is important if not imperative to understand how the components in the system unit work. Many factors inside the system unit influence the speed and power of a computer. The type of computer configuration you require depends on your intended use. A notebook (Laptop) computer is usually more expensive than a desktop computer with the same capabilities. So which would you rather own – the notebook/laptop or the tabletop/desktop computer? I like them both…except I hate the built-in mouse on laptops. The mobility is supergreat while on the go and not wishing to sit at a desk. The desktop is cool too…it has the convenience of a greater storage capacity with virtually immediate access to requested data. The attachment of an ergonomic keypad is total comfort when constant keying is required. If a PC is what you need…consider the aforementioned guidance steps when venturing out into the wilderness of technology and communication. 

Is there nothing so lovely as a tree…is there nothing more beautiful than the Earth-born blessings of nature? Is technology…the complete and utter dependence on technology the ultimate solution or desire of and for Humanity? What will the future bring? Will technology control you or will you control it? A computer merely does what it is told or instructed to do, yes? Would a computer appreciate the beauty of grass or a flower and all the creatures that depend on them for life? Would a computer install or plant a tree or would it instruct another computerized entity to remove or destroy one? Could it possibly embrace and/or appreciate the beauty of a tree? Could you?

In a paperless world or society – a Rose is a Rose… Is a Rose truly a Rose in all its glory or is it a computerized graphic interpretation of a wonderful present? Which would you prefer…paper or plastic?   

Til next time…


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