“Play It Again – Uncle Sam”
Gregory V. Boulware


That’s what many gun owners in America have most intrepidly boasted. They say it with great pride and confutation. However, what they do not know or understand, or choose to not know, or understand; they, in reality, don’t have that right at all.

‘Charley Heston’ stood and shouted from the podium at one of the big N. R. A. meetings, “From My Cold Dead Hands!” Of course he was referring to the government or anybody else for that matter, taking his guns away. 

The 2nd Amendment of the ‘Constitution of The United States reads as follows:

A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. 

Now, in the hands of plain ordinary folk and kids, is assault weaponry. Where was the ‘Registered and/or Approved (by the U. S. Government) Militia?’

Columbine, one would think, should have taught us a valuable lesson. Two young teenage boys armed to the teeth, set out to kill people, their fellow students. Guns, as always, kill people. They are used to kill – and invented to kill. The assault weapon was invented to kill more than one person. It kills a multitude of people. These powerfully adept weapons have the ability to fire more than five hundred rounds per minute. Guns in the hands of the wrong people kill good and innocent people…man, woman, and child!

Sometimes, guns in the hands of the right people kill people too.

Was The Batman’s Arch Enemy, the Joker, behind the mass slaughter in Aurora, Colorado? I think not. The Joker may be guilty of a great many crimes in Gothem City, but not the one in the Colorado movie theater. There was obviously, one young man’s motivated intent to go out and kill a bunch of people. His weapon of choice – an assault rifle! The young man was white and his bullets were never accused of discrimination.

The police said the attacking man did proclaim or describe himself as the Joker, according to a plethora of news reports. He definitely came to the theater with painted red hair. No one saw his evil grin. He wore his most convincing and grimmest poker face. Those who witnessed the shooting told of a horrific scene. 

Many people were wounded while others lay dead.

I think many of us would have been pissed if we earned and graduated with a P.H.D. in Neuroscience only to wind up working in a McDonald’s Hamburger Joint. But, this guy didn’t simply snap on the spot – he was already snapped with a possible mental defect. The man, according to news reports, was a straight A’ student – of the genius variety. Now, let me think…what was it they said about people who are considered genius? They are powerfully gifted in one area of the brain, while lacking certain abilities in all other areas? Maybe the pressures of school and studying compounded with the struggles of everyday life, got the better of him? Who’s to know? Yeah, ok…I do agree that many of us probably wouldn’t go out gunning for people. Who’s to say what was on his mind? Whatever it is or was, it still doesn’t make it better for the victims and their families. We do know that it takes planning to put together a cache of firearms and placing an online order for thousands of rounds of ammunition – and to stash the stuff outside of the movie theater exit – the placing of this stockpiled firepower at the proper location for his ultimate convenience certainly suggests intent and a calculated cunning and conniving plan of execution and extermination. The booby-trapped apartment factored into the equation as well, yes?  

This author is no fan of Michael Nutter. But, I most certainly agree with him on this one. The government needs to “Man-Up” and step up to the plate and take responsibility for the safety of American Citizens – the people who pay the taxes to support their lavish lifestyles – the 99%. We know that law enforcement can’t be everywhere at once or know what’s on the mind of a killer who is hellbent on destruction. But the government sure as hell can stop and take away the guns that plague the neighborhoods, cities, and boroughs of our nation. Stop making them, stop marketing them, and stop selling them! “We The People” know it’s campaign season. How about campaigning for a “No-Gun-No-Bomb-No-Kill-Society?” What’s the matter? Don’t you think it would be a safer World in which to live? 

I wonder when it was…the last time an American Politician/Legislator went out for dinner and a movie? You know…a quiet, peaceful, and fun-loving night out with that significant other. How about just hanging out with the kids, their cousins, and friends – an out on the town kind of thing? When ‘Bogey and Bergman’ swayed and splashed across the big screen, the theaters were packed. The moviegoers witnessed Humphrey leaning over in the cocktail lounge – shoving a buck at the extraordinarily soothing musical harmonies of the piano man, and said with a tough-guy smirk, “Play It Again, Sam!” The moviegoer didn’t have the threat of getting shot or killed.

It only happened on the big screen.  

Maybe we won’t get shot or killed while going to, coming from, or sitting in a public seat – shopping at the mall or supermarket…for the sake of a bloody dinner and a movie.


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