“Demon’s Throat”

“Oh no, he thought, “Lucien and Bubby would never allow such a thing. Heads would roll if someone so much as talked in their sleep about the happinings inside the lounge.” Walter began to smile to himself as he remembered his friends. “Lucien and Buddy won’t allow that shit to happen. No one will say they saw me leave with my wife…no one’ll say a damn thing. I’m gonna kill this bitch and nothing can change that. The cops will blame the fuckin boyfriend – That’s what they’ll do. The whole gang will back up my story. This bitch is gonna finally be gone. The bitch leaves me in peace tonight!”


“It all started on one Friday evening when he came in from work. He, the motherfucker – mister big shit was getting ready to take his ass out – without me – on the town with his boys.

He said, “I’m going out on the town with the boys tonight!”

He had the nerve to laugh; you know…one of them big belly laughs like you’d hear in a bar full of drunks and whores. It sounded like this, “hee, hee, hee, huh, huh, huh.” And he gave me one of those great big ‘Cheshire-cat’ grins. Ya know, like the cat that got the mouse that ate the cheese, like the fat cat in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

I said to him, “Walter – what about the bills? What about Lil-Rocky’s coat for school?

Me and Walter had five kids, ya know.”

Wynetta felt like she was a thing as opposed to being a human being…a woman. The abusive, excuse me – the physically abusive relationship wasn’t always such. Oh, yes…it started out like many (homogenous) serene relationships. What makes these happy couplings take such evil and drastic directions” Who can answer this question? Can it be you?

This evidence has been proven time and time again. The Devil’s power remains ever constant – especially when it pertains to those that say he doesn’t exist.

“Demon’s Throat”


Three evil spirits: False Religion, Politics, and Commerce dominate many nations on Earth” – Ukrainian Activist, Terelya – “Hallow” featuring “Demon’s Throat”


By Kelli Smelser

A ghost alone, in darkness and pain.
Waiting for you to play my game.

So talk to me and play the board.
Hear my voice as if I’m your Lord.

I will make it clear.
You have a lot to fear.

In your mirror, I will be haunting you.
You will see.
Creeping out, by your side.
Showing you that I have died.

So open the door so we can play.
Knowing you soon will join me someday. 

“Demon Games”
By Kelli Smelser

A ghost alone, pale and white
Wants to visit you in the night.

In darkness and pain.
Hoping to drive you insane.

Still need to play so get the board.
I invite you. I’m now your Lord.

Hear my voice. Feel my pain.
Hope you die or go insane.

In a nightmare, you will be trapped forever next to me.

So roll up your sleeve. Cut it deep.
Want to watch all the blood seep.

Burn in Hell.
I don’t care.
Pray to me if you dare.

So get the board. Call my name.
Will make your life in misery and pain.

So continue to play, I won’t tell.

Dark Water
By Kelli Smelser

Did you notice when people drown?
Most of the bodies are never found.

Deep in the water, becomes a tomb.
A hidden place like a covered cocoon.

If ever found, always in a state of decay.
Or remains in darkness at the bottom to lay.

Then the authorities get permission to abort the search.
Then tell you to contact your church.

It’s okay cause I’m no longer around.
Became fish food so I won’t be found.


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