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Gregory V. Boulware

Attention: “United States Postal Service and the Post Master General”
Re: Clerk # 5, Bill # 1000101477130, Olney, 4165410145 – 009, 1.800.275.8777
08.30.13, 10:58:16 AM – Postal Experience – https://postalexperience.com – contact Maritz Research helpdesk at postalexperience@maritz.com or call 1-888-878-7402, from 8:00 a.m. to 8 …

You may contact the postmaster general through email at pmgceo@usps.gov or by calling the number 1-800-275-8777. This is the Washington DC headquarters.

A patron, Mr. Boulware, walked into the postal station to return an item to sender. He was the sole patron beside the one leaving after being served. The only available clerk summoned said patron to the service counter. Mr. Boulware approached the clerk and cordially greeted the clerk. There was no returned courtesy.

Mr. Boulware explained the need to return a package. He was served with no issue other than, “Would you like a receipt?” To which he replied, “Yes, thank you.” The first impression given by the clerk indicated that she did not wish to provide service to this customer. The sneering gestures and sour body language suggested an added credence to this belief. This encounter is not the first. I have witnessed this clerk’s rudeness to other patrons of this office, in the past, as well. She was rude and standoffish at this particular encounter too.

The second request by this customer was to retrieve a package that was un-delivered via the route carrier. The carrier is the regular service provider for the area residents. He almost regularly does not deliver packages to our Hillside Gardens Apartment, even when we are at home. The Clerk, identified as clerk #5, examined the orange colored package delivery notice and stated that my wife had signed the document in the wrong space. The space that was signed is provided for the receiving package retriever. Mr. Boulware asked the clerk what he was supposed to do now that the document was signed in the incorrect space. He indicated that he was in possession of valid identification for himself as well as his physically challenged spouse. Mr. Boulware is also a physically challenged Retired Senior Citizen – Social Security Disability recipient. The clerk, in a condescending tone, overruled his question by continuing to explain the incorrect signing of the document. “Listen Miss, I’m not your child and I am not hard of hearing, there is no need to speak to me in such a fashion!” said, Mr. Boulware.

The clerk responded with, “Well since you have an attitude problem, I’m not going to give you the package!”

“Look Ma’am, never mind the attitude just give me the package, that’s been here for more than three days, and I’ll go. I have all of the necessary ID’s! This woman is my wife; we reside at the same location, and have been married for nearly forty-years! I’m going to file a complaint report!”

The rude and discourteous clerk replied, “Go ahead, what makes you think that I care?” She turned her back and walked away. Then she returned and summoned the next customer, while I stood there waiting.

This type of so-called professional behavior is unconscionable, let alone rude behavior from a clerk of the United States Postal Service! Is this how they, the postal workers are supposed to treat its seniors and/or the general public? Are we as citizens supposed to support and accept this type of treatment from a mail service? I don’t think So…

The second clerk, a tall attractive woman, who wore glasses, appeared from a rear stock room. She patiently listened to what I had to say and took very good care of me. I left the store with the package.

She was and is a blessing!

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Best regards,

Mr. Gregory V. Boulware
http://www.PostalExperience.com/Pos | USPS Customer Experience Survey
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I can’t say I’m surprised that the USPS Customer Experience Survey does not provide a customer with a reward for taking the survey but I’m very disappointed. PostalExperience.com/Pos is powered by Maritz Research and is available in English and Spanish. If you recently visited your local post office recently please have the ZIP and the 4 digit code number printed at the top of the receipt ready to start the survey. The survey should only take around 5 minutes to complete and your answer will be kept confidential. If you don’t like the service at your local USPS tell them! Don’t be surprised if you mail starts to go missing however lol. The code number is located above the date and phone number on the receipt. I took the survey just for fun and it took me about 5 minutes. I will never take this survey again due to the lack of incentive.

The United States Postal Service is run by the United States Government and is in deep financial trouble. They have been laying off thousands of employees recently and they have even talked about stopping service on Saturdays. The Government regulates prices and how many days a week it must make deliveries and that is the problem. The Government should not be involved in Business. USPS troubles really started with the Al Gore. Al Gore invented this thing called the Internet that has made life very hard for the US Post Office. UPS and FedEx didn’t do the Post Office any favors either. It should be noted that every time I have shipped a package it is ALWAYS cheaper to send it through USPS. A 15 pound package cost me $91 through USPS, $135 through FedEx, and $139 through UPS. But the agency is still billions of dollars in debt and may be forced to shut down.

At any rate if you’re interested in taking the survey and helping out the postal service please visit http://www.PostalExperience.com/Pos
“Have They Made Us A Target For Vengeance?”


Speaking as an old ‘Union-Man’ from way back, who certainly believes in Union Now and Forever. I certainly can and do empathize with the postal workers position of battle and rebellion against the postal service. But does their plight warrant the mistreatment of postal customers?

I’ve received an alarming message today. The contents of the email gave me cause to wonder if my posting of the experience with a particular employee of the service, brought about a type of retaliation. A particular mail carrier was outlined in this report as well. Could it be possible for the two to become cohorts or in cahoots with a revenge plot of sorts? Maybe it’s the fantasy writer within me that constantly slaps me with a new story of suspense.

I would advise against such behavior if it be such. An ending is final if not ubiquitous. On occasion, one can wreak havoc on his or her world with one or two simple mistakes or a misunderstanding.

I think you’ll get a better understanding of what’s happened with this email example:

From: gvb1210me@yahoo.com
Subject: Non-Received Registration Renewal
Message: 9.19.13 – PENNDOT email message:

After purchasing my renewed PA registration for my mini-van on 8.25.13, I waited patiently for its arrival. It never came. This is the second time in four years that this has happened. The first time it never arrived, I assumed it had been stolen via the postal service. I had to go to a tag service center to have it replaced!

I now, once again, find myself in the same dilemma.

I did not receive my new registration. I have the receipt of our transaction pasted to the rear of my vehicle in order to get to my doctor visits. When will I receive my registration documents?

Thank you kindly for the receipt of this message.


Mr. Gregory V. Boulware
To: “‘gvb1210me@yahoo.com'”
Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 5:26 PM
Subject: RE: Non-Received Registration Renewal

Thank you for contacting Driver and Vehicle Services.

Our records indicate that your registration renewal was processed 08/25/2013, as you indicated. We attempted to mail your registration materials; however, this mailing was returned to us as undeliverable by the post office. To ensure the renewal card and sticker are sent to the proper address, please respond with your complete mailing address (including street address and PO Box/Apt#, if applicable) and the make/year of the vehicle.

Upon receiving your response, I will update your address, if needed, and resend the registration card and sticker.

When responding, please include all previous e-mail.
Please do not send attachments, as these cannot be opened or processed at this location.

Thank you for your inquiry,

Brandon Miller

PA Department of Transportation
Personal information has been removed from this e-mail for your protection.
Mr. Miller:

Thank you Brandon for your attention and prompt response. The postal service in this area leaves much to be desired as the service is unacceptable. We have had problems with the postal service ever since we have moved to this location. We have resided here for nearly one year. Several other respondents have cited the same conclusions as to our whereabouts. We have complained to no avail.

The proper and precise address is:

Gregory V. Boulware
Personal information has been removed from this e-mail for your protection.

Looking forward to the delivery of my vehicle documents…

Again, I thank you for your attention as well as your prompt and courteous response.

Best regards,

The enclosed text should clarify the suspicions involving undelivered mail and/or the possibility of retaliatory intent due to a customer complaint. Maybe I’m being a little bit cynical. I’d like to think that it’s just a fluke. But just in case it’s not…

“Pride is good as opposed to ‘Over-Pride’ is not, it equals Arrogance.
Over-Pride is non-productive. It lends credence to foolishness…
Over-Pride is seductive to anger; the wrong type of anger!
Revenge can be momentarily sweet while leaning on the tree to the pathway of doom.”

“The most difficult thing – but an essential one is to love life, to love life even while one suffers, because life is all. Life is God and to love life means to love God.”
Tolstoy, War and Peace
There is absolutely no place in the service industry for rude and discourteous behavior. It would behoove the service provider as well as the service industry worker to improve on this notion of “I’m having a bad day, so I’ll take it out on whomever crosses my path!” They, (we), must remain courteous to all no matter what the circumstances. Would you want your elderly Parents or Grandparents to become subject to a rude and discourteous person? I think not… I would certainly be on the front line to defend the honor and rights of my Elders…they do not deserve ill-mannered treatment by anyone! Have they not paid enough in this life? After all it takes quite a bit of courage to become a senior in this life. Would you not agree?

Til next time…

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