"A Believers' View"

“A Believers’ View”

Gregory V. Boulware
The latest debacle involving the New Health Care Law, aka, so-called “Obamacare,” is continually used as an excuse to attack and reign in the President… “By any means necessary.” Never mind the fact that the new law has been agreed upon and legally voted into law, By the People, For the People, and By the People of these United States of America. However, the Law of The Land continues to be seen and used as a privy to a chosen few. The Law of The Land is hatred, deception, and denial of Equal and Fair Rights to All of The People in America! Especially Black People!

The implementations and continuation of these practices, i.e., Health Care for All Americans, is being fought against long and hard by those who believe that they are better than you and me, above the law, above the people, and separate from ‘AVERAGE AMERICAN CITIZENS!’ They have openly and blatantly stated their opposition to giving the people of this nation what rightfully belongs to them…US! Why and by what rights do they have to express the mindset of the majority of folks who have been denied this basic right in the first place? Do you think the Internet connections and IPs have been sabotaged and hacked in order to prevent the smooth flowing of health insurance applicants? We’ve all heard about the dilemma of the website application process for health insurance as of late, yes? The opposition has chanted to its demise and promises that it will fail… One way or another! God wants it that way.

“We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back.”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Renaissance planted books throughout Europe that Black Africans were no good, unlawful, barbarians, irrational and needed the control of the civilized White Europeans for their own good. It set the stage for slavery and made it seemingly ethical to the Europeans. That is what was going on in the 1400s.

From the Bible and history we see that Satan always stirs up all his wrath just before the hour of deliverance. It will be no different this time.

Before the coming of the Messiah, Satan had all his people in key positions, especially the religious leaders. He directed King Herod to murder all the babies in Bethlehem in hopes of killing the promised Redeemer. The land of Israel was filled with legions of devils and unclean spirits to oppose the work of the Messiah. Yahshua/Jesus began His preaching ministry in the town where He grew up. The local people’s reaction to His first sermon – they tried to kill Him! And that was the reception He got from the people he knew all His life!

Prior to 1960, libraries in America were filled with books on the Inquisition. Today however, very few can be found. . . . Why has the Inquisition been covered up?
Because the total number of victims of this atrocity reached about 68 million people.

In 1933 the Vatican signed a Concordat with Germany making Roman Catholicism the only recognized religion in that country. Hitler was financed by Wall St. and the corrupt U.S. Bank.

We hear a lot about the Jewish Holocaust when 6 million Jews perished under Hitler. But most people don’t know that Hitler was a Roman Catholic and an instrument of the Holy Office. Hitler was never excommunicated for his crimes against humanity and causing the deaths of millions of people; whereas Martin Luther was excommunicated for translating the Bible into German!!

Eva Braun as a young girl at Simbach Convent. Martin Luther emptied the convents in Germany. He called them “cesspools of iniquity.” The Jesuits filled them up again.

They were Bible-believing Christians, Jews and even Roman Catholics like Joan of Arc, Savanarola, Giordano Bruno and Galileo etc., who were destroyed by the Inquisition carried out by the “Holy Office.” The victims were always found guilty. They never knew who accused them. They never had lawyers, and no one would dare lift a finger to help. . . .

Throughout history, whenever the time came for God to do a great work, the devil has always put forth his utmost power to stop the work of God. Satan was not going to let the children of Israel go to the Promised Land without putting up a tremendous struggle.

This modern Pharaoh will try and exterminate all who refuse to acknowledge him as the Vicar of Christ. However, the Lord Jesus Christ – the Prophet like unto Moses – will overthrow him in a victory greater than at the Red Sea!

…The first known religion of Africans before slavery…. was based on Griots (Spirit Gods)

Am I a Christian? You might ask.

I would respond to you, no. For, was Yahshua/Jesus not a Jew? Maybe ‘Falasha?’ I would say that I believe in the messenger, Yahshua/Jesus. I believe in his teachings, his love, and the Word of God. I like he, am Hebrew, like my Fathers before me who art descendants of ‘Ham’ and ‘Shem’ of the House of Noah, the House of David i.e., the House of Judah…The House of Japheth beget the descendants of the ‘Khazars’ and ‘Judaism.

What is a Christian that murders another Christian? One who murders a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, and/or any other group or belief, in the name of God/Yahweh? It was said (during the war over Jerusalem between the Christians and Muslims), and used as an excuse to murder non-Christians, the statement “GOD WILLS IT” or “IN THE NAME and IN DEFENSE OF CHRISTIANITY!”

It seems to me, if God truly wanted something done, don’t you think he’d do it himself?

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that Day shall not come, except there comes a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition . . . and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book” (II Thess. 2:3, Daniel 12:1).
Pastor arrested before he could burn nearly 3,000 Qurans
Sheriff’s deputies arrested Pastor Terry Jones as he drove a pickup truck towing a large barbecue-style grill filled with Qurans soaked in kerosene.

MULBERRY, Florida — Law enforcement arrested a Florida pastor Wednesday as he drove to a park to light nearly 3,000 Qurans on fire to protest the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Pastor Terry Jones, 61, and his associate pastor, Marvin Sapp Jr., 34, on felony charges as he drove a pickup truck towing a large barbecue-style grill filled with Qurans soaked in kerosene. He had said he was heading to a nearby park to burn 2,998 Qurans — one for every victim of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Sheriff’s officials said they would hold a news conference later Wednesday to discuss specific charges.

Mulberry’s mayor, along with area elected officials, a sheriff’s deputy and several Polk County residents, have talked about the need to express love and tolerance for all faiths on Sept. 11.

Jones is the pastor of a small evangelical Christian church. He first gained attention in 2010 when he planned to burn a Quran on 9/11, although he eventually called it off.
His congregation did burn the Muslim holy book in March 2011 and last year he promoted an anti-Muslim film. All three incidents sparked violence in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

The most violent protest happened after the 2011 Quran burning as hundreds of protesters stormed a U.N. compound in Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan, killing seven foreigners, including four Nepalese guards.

Jones has repeatedly ignored pleas from the U.S. military asking him not to stage his protests. Military officials say his actions put American and Western troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere in danger.

Mulberry is a town of about 3,000 between Orlando and Tampa and has no connection to Jones’ church, which recently moved out of its Gainesville building.

An Egyptian court convicted Jones, along with seven Egyptian Coptic Christians in absentia, sentencing them to death on charges linked to the film. The ruling was seen as largely symbolic because Jones and the other defendants live outside of Egypt.

Just last week, a federal judge in Michigan issued a summary judgment in favor of Jones and his organization, Stand Up America Now, against the city of Dearborn for requiring Jones and his organization to sign a city-issued agreement in order to speak on public property in front of a Dearborn mosque in 2012.

Earlier Wednesday, about 75 people gathered In Mulberry for an interfaith prayer service to counter Jones’ actions.

Mike Ghouse, who has organized a 9/11 prayer service in his home state of Texas for nine years, brought his event to Mulberry because of Jones’ planned Quran burning. He initially had planned to hold the service in Texas but teamed with a group of Mulberry residents who had organized an anti-Jones Facebook page.

“Everyone has a right to believe what they believe,” said Ghouse, adding that it was Jones’ right as an American to express himself. Others said that while Jones was free to say or do whatever he wanted, the people of Mulberry didn’t want the world to think that the residents condone or agree with Jones’ views.

“We don’t buy what Jones is selling,” said Polk County resident Butch Rahman.
“The Womb and the Woman is symbolic of the Earth, a Garden and the Sun. We were a thing not to be thought of while in a firm resting place (uterine wall) and then we developed stage after stage like a seed planted in the earth which feeds and nurtures until it burst forth and the unseen becomes seen…like flowers and plants…Then we cling and revolve around her (sun) soaking and bathing in her light and spiritual energy power and strength, growing and growing and all the while remaining in our orbit (place)…the power of her majesty forces the rotation (seasons/change) in us to endure the ladder of adversity that we must climb towards spiritual perfection and to build the temple for perfected man. Then, it is our turn to tend to her (garden) and pick the weeds out and to return the love, mercy and kindness (old age) and keep anything from harming it…communicate with it, water it, feed it and give it sun light (spiritual food), protect it so that we can continue to enjoy the fruits thereof…”
Sanender El Ameen
The proximity of the land of Arabia to Ethiopia lends itself to Arabia being the source of the first Cushitic inhabitants of Ethiopia. The location of Ethiopia just across the Red Sea from Arabia, and the long term coexistence of the nations in the Arabian Peninsula as evidence, may be added to the fact that the language of Ethiopia also originated in Arabia. Genesis says that migrants from Arabia carried into Ethiopia “a branch of the Semitic language, viz. the Ethiopic, which stands in the closest affinity with the old Himyaritic dialect of eastern Arabia.” The Greek Historian, Herodotus, says that in Xerxes’ international army, (about 450 B.C.), Arabians and Ethiopians were grouped together under one command. Perhaps this was due to language similarity.

The wide spread distribution of Cush in the ancient world described in the Bible is supported by Greek geographer Strabo and the “Father of History,” Herodotus, both of whom refer to eastern or Asian Cushites in India as having black skin and straight hair and western Cushites with similar skin color but “crispy” hair. Thus Jethro lived in the land of Cush in Arabia among other Ethiopians who had not yet completed migration to Ethiopia. He lived in Semitic Midian but he was not a Semite although he spoke a Semitic language.
** Eze. 27:20-24.
**Genesis, William; trans Robinson, Edw.; Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament; Houghton, Mifflin, Boston, 1882. Page 455.
**Herodotus, Book 7:70.

Further reference to Ethiopians of India as early as 800 to 1200 BC is found in the third paragraph of Homer’s Odyssey, Book I. Homer records the location of the Ethiopians as also divided in two parts at the extremes of the civilized world.. He says: “Now Neptune had gone off to the Ethiopians, who are at the world’s end, and lie in two halves, the one looking west and the other East.”
**Strabo, Geography: Book I: 2; 20-26 for a discussion (circa 40 B.C.) of the distribution of Ethiopians to the most remote extremes of the known world, i.e., south of Egypt and the farthest east. That those of Africa and Asia were physically similar see Geo. Book II: 3; 8.

Semitic descendants of Abraham, like Edom, and the Ishmaelite’s, as well as other Semites, afterward occupied almost all of the Arabian Peninsula. These Semitic tribes are now named Arabians due to their occupation of Arabia, although the name “Arabia” attached to the homeland predates their occupation of the site. In the same way the Anglo-Saxons who are known as Britons are a modern parallel to this kind of name expropriation. The Angles and Saxons were non-Britons who subdued and drove the Britons out of the land. The Anglo-Saxons occupied the Britons’ land and later took the name given to the land by those original inhabitants. Thus the Anglo-Saxons, although not Britons, are called British today. In the same way, Arabia may have been a Hamite name expropriated by a Semitic non-Arab second wave immigration which forced and continued the migratory flight of the Arabian Ethiopians to African Ethiopia.
** Herodotus; op. cit
RESURRECTION in the minds, hearts and Souls of your Ancient Egyptian Ancestors, as it was they who introduced the concept of ‘resurrection’ to humanity)…and syncretized these two aspects of Osiris’ nature and incarnated into the world one Asar-Apis, a new deity comprised of two very ancient aspects of the most ancient and revered God in Ancient Egypt (in Africa).

With all due respect Brother, Hebrew and Arabic/Syretic are the same language with different tones and pronunciation. The Word “Hebrew” has nothing to do with a person’s Religion as well as the Word “Arab/Arabic”. The word Hebrew was given to Abraham when the Canaanites saw him and his tribe crossing the Tigress / Euphrates River. It means “One who crosses over”. Arab means “to move about” Because the people of those times were Nomadic people. Secondly, there was never a “White Prophet” in the scriptures. Race deals with genetic composition not color or ethnicity/culture. Abraham had three wives (1) Sarah (2) Hagar & (3) Qeturah which are the progenitors of the three major Religions of the world. One father with three mothers.

Sarah gave birth to the Israelites (Isaac) Hagar gave birth to the Muslims (Ishmael) and Qeturah gave birth to the Christians by way of her son Midian. The evidence of this in the scriptures is when Yahshua/Jesus spoke to and informed the tribe of Judah (his own) and said “There are “other” sheep that I have and them too must I also gather together”. All three of these NATIONS come from the same sperm/gene of Abraham/Ibraheem therefore; they could not be of different “Races!” They were all family from different “TRIBES”. Allah states in the Qur’an “I MADE YOU INTO TRIBES AND FAMILIES THAT YOU MAY “KNOW’ ONE ANOTHER.”

The significance of Yahshua/Jesus, his origin and ministry:

Yahshua’s only purpose was to bring “prophecy” about things which must shortly come to pass. Yashua’s birth was unique in the respect that his father was one of the ELOHEEM/ALLAHUMA (the Archangel, Gabriel) who came to earth with the specific assignment to impregnate Miriam/Mary with a child of a dual nature, half Eloheem and half human. That’s why he, (Yahshua/Jesus) said “My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak” “I am from above and you are from down here” His Father was the Angelic being Jibrael, said Gabriel. The word God might confuse the unlearnt among us. The word god has its origin in the Germanic language which has its root in the word Good, Gut, Gud. It also means anything that has force and power in a person’s life that they bow-down to, worship or adore. Humans are Gods either a positive or negative because both forces have power. Yashua’s ministry was also to demonstrate the latent/dormant potential of his own people who had “lost their way (lost sheep) and were trying to look like and behave like the romans and Greeks instead of themselves. Just like we (Blacks) want to be like white people instead of ourselves…

FYI The word “African” is of Greek Origin. It means “to be divided” and is descriptive of what they did to the continent.

The most ancient beings on the planet with the longest history on the planet and has the shortest month to celebrate it. There is no beginning and no ending to the Blackman and woman. We were and always will be therefore, we are the “all” and can do anything we want as long as we remain in the all yet, we will fail as individuals. We are the makers, the owners, cream of the planet earth, mothers and fathers of civilization and the Gods of this universe. The other beings are our children who are exercising what we have taught them Brother!

We were hit over the head, sent on a westerly course and buried in a shallow grave and we need to be reminded because we have amnesia about the knowledge of self and are living the life of a beast and need to be civilized.

I, for one, have no desire to affiliate with groups of hatred, murder, and deceit. No man has the right to say what God thinks or believes – but I dare say, I do not believe that God would desire the support from such a creed; nor would he/she give or offer that support in return.

The evil-doers who would dare to deny the downtrodden of their God-given right to live and pursue a happy and fruitful life will soon face the plains and trials of purgatory. But they shall have time to offer penance and the forgiveness that can be gained by simply doing the right thing(s). Those persons who would horde the life giving goods of this Earth from those who share this in its gifts have time to repent their sins and support the movement to make all things right with the people. Its time has come. The time of deliverance from evil and the gift of love and goodness to all the things that should be shared by all of mankind.

Healthcare for all… Now and Forever!

From the day the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ was violated, every man-child from the first is born with the awareness of good and evil. I am therefore ‘Spiritual’ in my belief of the Holy Father for his/her Spirit is within me as it should be in you… The Spirit of The Lord.


‘The Spirit of The Soul and The Death of Morals”

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