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Armed to the gills, SWAT team and police officers swarmed and swooped down on the zoo area. Their attempt at restoring order only made a bad situation worse. One of the SWAT team members got a glimpse of the… (pg. 154)

Bowfeather sprinted across the zoo courtyard toward the fear filled gun crazed shooter. A little girl of approximately nine or ten years of age, cried out. A hot sharp pain creased the top of her left foot, just under her untied shoelace. The sudden bloodletting slice on her head spewed a fountain of red. Her running mother kept her from hitting the ground by grabbing and smothering her child into her loving arms. They fell on the grass beside the monster balloon inside the 34th street fence. Bowfeather ran a jig-saw like pattern, attempting to avoid the weapon-fire. The ducking and dodging back and forth style of running brought back images of ‘Jim Brown’ when he starred in the movie, “The Dirty Dozen.” Donald incorporated the same type of elusive maneuvers with his eyes set dead on his target.

Genailia found herself crouching behind one of the benches. In her attempt to lend aid to the chaotic situation and frightened people, she narrowly escaped her own death. An errant slug from the weapon fire of the gung-ho cop ricocheted off a metal post and creased her brow. She suffered a razor-line slice just above… (pg. 155)

Salestian saw the whole thing, he and his cameraman. Sally didn’t care that he might be caught on camera when he dropped what he was doing and rushed to the side of the woman he desired. All that he saw was an opportunity to get close to her – to ravish her – all in the name of… (pg. 155)

The police captains coordinated their teams around the entire area surrounding the zoo. The West Philly neighbors in the area were encouraged to remain in their homes. Captain Noodles’ team was stationed on the Girard Avenue side of the zoo while Samuels’ team was settled on the Spring Garden side. Samuel’s team was also assigned coverage along the backside of the zoo from the rail yard into the 38th Street area through Parrish into 40th. Noodles’ team cordoned the Girard Avenue Bridge covering the West River Drive access routes and I-76 into 33rd Street. The National Guard dispatched men and equipment that filled the area as well.

Complicating matters at the zoo, the police were still working murder cases. One of the cases is the unsolved Fairmount Park Rapist. The other is the Kensington Strangler. A jogger running along the East River Drive, back in October 2003, was stabbed and raped while running on the drive near Fountain Green Road. A previous attack was investigated in April of the same year. Later, in July, the Philadelphia Homicide Unit was also investigating a stabbing in Wynnefield Heights. That same month in 2009, a woman was sitting on a park bench in the park when a man came running from the woods. “He was balls ass naked,” she said. Prior to that incident, a woman was sleeping on a park bench after a run. A man who covered her face with a tee shirt awakened her. He forced her into a wooded area, where he tied her wrists with plastic ties and… (pg. 68)

Ranger Glenn arrived at the zoo at approximately 11:35 P.M. His team got there 5 minutes later. Genailia popped open her investigators kit and began taking samples and scrapings of scratches on the bars, ground, and walls of the bruin exhibit. Glenn and lieutenant Wells headed to the 34th Street side of the zoo. After examining the tracks in the snow, they followed the trail from the broken gate to the east side of the street. The trail ended at the curb. Wells ran to that side of the street. Signs pointed to a trail down the embankment outside of the pavement. In the dirt, trees, shrubbery, and mud that headed down towards the I-76 Expressway, there were more prints and signs that the animals who tracked through the area were heading towards the river. Asa Wells motioned to Gerald Glenn to come and see what he’d found. The ranger jogged across the street to where Wells was standing. Wells pointed at the shrubbery, broken limbs, marks on the tree, and the tracks in the mud and snow. (Pg. 68)

“Staring into the eyes of a killer, one late and rainy fall day, we were traveling along in the prison van. We were chained together with handcuffs. Can one imagine a face-to-face with a man who had mercilessly butchered four people, including a three-year-old baby girl?
This guy was being transported from one jail to another. This latest exchange was just another appearance, appealing the death sentence he’d received.
I’d been locked up now for about three months. Child support was the issue. A minor discrepancy for a misplaced payment recorded by the court clerk went missing. (Pg. 113)

“Smith Playground Assault on 33rd St.”
“Philly Metro Bus Assailed”
Pg. 198
“National Guardsman Attacked”
Pg. 85
“Mauled and Decapitated Man on
West (MLK) River Drive in Philly” pg. 188

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