“The 160 Thousand Dollar Hypocricy”

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Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

“Red Next To Black, Friend to Jack – Red and Yellow, Kill A Fellow!”

I remember watching Seth walk down Broad Street with his girl one night while waiting for my wife at the end of her teaching shift for 1199c. I proudly watched him as he walked hand-in-hand with his lady-love while one of his burly body-guards watched me watching him as I sat in my van. I wondered if he thought that I was some sort of a threat. He looked at me with major suspicion. They appeared to be a very happy couple while they strolled down the street past Broad and Sampson Sts. Oh yes, I voted for him too.

It truly breaks my heart to report this update on our Philadelphia political situation. As it presents itself, the Black District Attorney who prosecuted and locked up a bunch of prominent Black Leaders in our city.

The one who stands out more for me is Sister ‘Thomasine Tynes.’ The next runner-up is the long time proponent for and of the Black Community and radio personality, Sister ‘Louise Williams Bishop.’ Brother Seth played hard-ball with these individuals while committing a crime and/or crimes himself. Oh my, what hypocricy! Remember my opinions regarding “The Nigger In The Wood-Pile?” Brother Malcolm has been quoted refferring to “The House-Nigger and the Field-Nigger, is we sick boss?”

First, let us review a topic that was posted a while back regarding our Black political leaders here in Philly:

Five former ‘Philadelphia Traffic Court judges Michael J. Sullivan, Michael Lowry, Robert Mulgrew, Willie Singletary and Thomasine Tynes defended by their Lawyers, have been charged and are on trial for conspiracy and fraud tied to a ticket-fixing conspiracy. An onslaught of more than 65 character witnesses testified in a little over two hours with many people speaking briefly about the judges on trial in the case. They include Mark A. Bruno, a suburban magistrate, and Robert Moy, a Chinatown court translator, who happen to also be charged in the case. How ironic?
~ ‘Didn’t You Know I Was A Snake?’ ~

He said, “Tynes will be remembered as someone who sat down with a snake – and got bit!”

“Obviously, today’s events in this case indicated that these supposedly unwinnable cases are very much winnable. But even if they weren’t, they needed to see the light of day so that the citizens of Philadelphia would have an understanding of who the elected officials were that they put in places of trust.”

District Attorney Seth Williams held the bracelet aloft on the day Tynes was arrested.

Busico, her attorney, told the judge that “this case started out horrifically” with officials who had engaged in “shameful conduct.”

In the end, though, Tynes’ plea delivered an important message: “She is not above the law, because she’s now held accountable.” Busico said.

A federal judge is to sentence her in December in connection with her conviction this year of lying to a grand jury about ticket-fixing at Traffic Court.

The plea represents a big win for District Attorney Seth Williams, who resurrected the sting investigation this summer after Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane shut down the probe – and then dared him to pursue it.

Kane secretly ended the initial investigation in bringing no charges and not informing the state Ethics Commission that the sting had allegedly caught Tynes and four state legislators on tape accepting cash or, in Tynes’ case, a $2,000 bracelet.

After The news by the Inquirer broke in March of the aborted operation, Kane vigorously defended her decision.

She blasted the sting’s “shoddy police work,” and said it was possibly tainted by ‘racial targeting’ and too reliant on a “shady” undercover agent. It was “dead on arrival,” she said.

“I said this from the very beginning – one conviction is all Seth Williams has to get to prove that there were people who broke the law and should have been punished,” Madonna said.

Political analyst and pollster G. Terry Madonna said Monday that Kane’s challenge to Williams had backfired.

“It is anticipated that more arrests of Philadelphia politicians will be made by the office of the Philadelphia District Attorney based, in part, from the cooperation of Thomasine Tynes,” stated her lawyer.

House arrest was sought by Busico who informed the federal judge that Tynes had agreed to plead guilty in the sting case and had testified before the Grand Jury, gathering evidence against the other four state lawmakers.


When I sat down to put pen to paper and review the charges and apologies of this recently elected district attorney, another headline caught my eye…and we thought Trump was bad, damn! The only thing good that he has, in my opinion, done is hiring Brother ‘Tariq El Shabazz!


PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — The girlfriend of Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has been charged with slashing the tires of two vehicles outside his house.

Philadelphia police said Stacey Cummings, 47, surrendered on Sunday.

She is charged with criminal mischief and possession of an instrument of crime.

The vandalism occurred back on November 11, 2015. That was when two tires on the passenger’s side of both vehicles were flattened.

The vehicles, a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria and a 2010 Ford Escape, were assigned to the D.A.’s office, police said.

Philadelphia police noted that the investigation of the incident was referred to the Delaware County district attorney, under the Commonwealth Attorney’s Act.


Seth Williams apologizes to D.A. staff for ‘adverse publicity’ over gifts
Aubrey Whelan, Staff Writer
POSTED: August 21, 2016

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams apologized to his staff Friday for any distractions created by the “adverse publicity” that has surrounded his disclosure of thousands of dollars in previously unreported gifts.

“I understand and recognize that each of you works very hard to represent the commonwealth with integrity and honor,” he wrote in an email obtained by the Inquirer and Daily News. “The adverse publicity about me during this past week has likely made it more difficult for you to do that. I deeply regret and apologize to you for that.”

Attorneys in Williams’ office said morale is low in the wake of the disclosures.

Prosecutors are required to fill out financial disclosure forms each year and list gifts they have received. The knowledge that their boss failed to do so – to the tune of $160,050 – has left many in Williams’ office disappointed and “mortified,” said one staffer, who declined to be identified.

Williams did not apologize to his staffers for taking the gifts. Rather, he said he was sorry for the distraction that “expansive news coverage” of his finances had created.

Among that coverage was a report Friday that District Attorney’s Office staffers had been interviewed by the FBI, which is said to be investigating whether Williams used campaign funds for personal use.

“I realize that my actions, including those taken in my personal life, can reflect on all of you, and, in this case, potentially distract from the important work we do each day, however unfairly,” he wrote.

When asked if a reporter could speak to staffers, Williams’ spokesman, Cameron Kline, said the office would not have any further comment on his email.

Mustafa Rashed, a campaign spokesman for Williams, said the district attorney was “doing about as well as can be expected.” Williams currently is on vacation.

“He’s more concerned about the late disclosure filings being the news and a distraction to the dedicated 600 men and women in the D.A.’s Office, which is why he sent the email,” Rashed said.

Williams’ financial disclosure statements, belatedly amended and released this week, detailed six years’ worth of gifts including vacations at a luxury estate in Appomattox, Va.; sideline passes to Eagles games; and $45,000 in home repairs that included a new roof.

Williams said in a statement Monday that he had released the lists of gifts in the spirit of “greater transparency.” His lawyer, Samuel Stretton, has called the situation “a terrible mistake.”

Friday’s email was Williams’ first acknowledgment of the public scrutiny the gifts have drawn.

He reiterated to staffers that he loves the office and intends “to carry on the good work you have done for the people of this city.”



Brother, you can’t apologize for this! You have prosecuted and locked up a host of prominent Black political leaders who also forgot to disclose their financial gains and gifts…

Should you not join them with a cell of your own and hang out with them on the cell-block playing checkers and chess? Maybe lifting weights suits you for a pass-time? Should you not join them in the prison chow-line eating potatoes, sparrow and pigeon for dinner as opposed to a dish of specialized noodles and filet mignon?

Oh my, the hypocricy of it all…and all that you have to say is I forgot to disclose the money. How can Black people progress and maintain the respectful integrity it deserves when you and those like you continue to go out and do for self as opposed to doing for others and/or all? Why oh why wasn’t your lucrative salary and social position enough? Maybe you’ll be on the same cell block as ‘Chaka Fattah’ and his son while serving out your sentence.

You all have not only embarrassed the Black Community but the city at large. How can we possibly be respected for truth and honesty when the Devil is your side-kick? Shame on you and those who walk the walk that you have lead while bamboozling those of us who had faith in you.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when choosing to deceive – the ‘State of Black America!’ “The Illusion of Inclusion and So-Called Black Leaders!
…She tells it like it is!
~Dr. Julia Hare~

History has a way of repeating itself…


“Is We Sick Boss?”


Til Next Time…




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