“My name is ‘Eduardo Tirilius Williams Hushmanzata”

“By The Light Of The Silvery Moon”

Gregory V. Boulware, Esq. 



Their mapping itinerary worked out quite well… The rain was dropping like stones in the bucket, wet, hard, and loud. The rental car leaked through what seemed like every orifice and crack. The heater/defroster didn’t work all that great either. However, they made it to their destination in one piece. The weather, they thought, was odd. It rained hard all the way out there from town. But when they arrived at the Keep, it stopped and seemed a bit warm with a great deal of fog. The fog rolled in thickly. They couldn’t drive the car up the muddy hill and didn’t dare attempt at driving over the dark field area for fear of getting stuck in the bogging moor.


~ ‘The Loch Of Satanus’ ~
The story was repeatedly told by demonologists with regard to ‘Lycanthropy.’ The increase in trials for witchcraft at the end of the sixteenth century led people to believe a man could actually become a lycanthrope or werewolf – “Loup Garu!”


A Protestant Physician, Casper Peucer, told of the full-blown conception of Witches’ going to a Sabbat, led to the assumption of parallel gatherings of Wolves.

Brother Joseph, a guide within the ‘Keep,‘ guided the rain-soaked couple: Eddie and Isabelle to another guide, the “Guardian Watcher, Brother Jerome.” He began to tell a tale to which they should be aware.

A Fox was one day talking to a wolf about the strength of Man. The wolf claimed the title for being stronger and smarter.
“No animals,” he said, “could withstand man and they were obliged to use cunning to hold their own against him.”
The wolf answered, “If ever I happened to see a man, I should attack him all the same.”
“Well, I can help you do that,” said the fox. “Come to me early tomorrow, and I will show you one.”

The wolf was early to rise and the fox took him out to a road in the forest, traversed daily by a huntsman. First an old discharged soldier came.
“Is that a man,” asked the wolf?
“No,” answered the fox. “He has been a man.”
After that, a little boy appeared on his way to school.
“Is that a man?”
“No, he is going to be a man.”

At last the huntsman made his appearance, his gun on his back, and his hunting-knife at his side. The fox said to the wolf – “Look! Here comes a man. You may attack him, but I will make off to my hole!”

The wolf set on the man, who said to himself when he saw him. “What a pity my gun isn’t loaded with a leaden-metal ball!” He fired a charge of black powder in the wolf’s face. The wolf made a wry face, but was not frightened, and attacked him again.
The huntsman gave the wolf a second charge. The beast swallowed the pain, and rushed at the huntsman again. This time he drew his bright and shiny but large hunting-knife, and slashed out to the left and to the right with it. The blade struck home and smeared itself with streaming red blood! The wolf ran back to the fox and said:
“Brother Fox, Brother Fox!”
…The fox turned to the wolf and asked, “How did you get on with the man?”
“Brother Fox. I’ll tell you this – I never thought the strength of man would be what is is. First, he took a stick from his shoulder and blew into it, and something flew into my face; which tickled frightfully. Then he blew into it again, and it flew into my eyes and nose like lightning and hail – then he drew a shiny rib out of his body, and struck at me with it until I was more dead than alive!”
The fox looked up at the wolf and asked, “Why are you clutching your haunches with both (paws) hands?”
Well Brother Fox, I don’t think I’ll be able to sit or make a discharge from my rectum again. I do believe that I will be dead momentarily. Not only did the shiny broad and sharp rib cut at me real good, I heard the man scream out:
“If I do not have at the ready, a black leaden-metal ball, I sure as hell have these silver ones. I then heard and saw the black powder explosion from the stick he carried. I turned to run but fell down when the shiny orb struck and pierced my behind. The pain that I felt was indescribable. It felt nothing like the orbs thrown at me before. They only itched after contact and caused me to scratch. But this one has caused me to bleed and feel pain – this pain along with the pain and bleeding caused by his big shiny and sharpened rib. I feel my strength and consciousness ebbing Brother Fox. I am dying while man is stronger than we…”

“Now you see,” said the fox, “what a braggart you are. You’ve thrown your toothy face out so far that you can’t get it back again.”

Eddie and Isabelle were left standing there, facing each other. They turned to question Brother Joseph. He was gone. Brother Jerome was no where to be seen as well.
The broad oaken door in front of them, slowly, very slowly opened along with the sound of an eerie blood curdling and groaning creek.

“Come in, enter and be seated my children.” The loud and strongly masterful commanding voice frightened them. Seated behind a large desk of wooden antiquity was the tall and sinister figure of Brother Jerome.

The sound of a howl and a loud strong bone-chilling growl emanated from the shadows and aided the two in hurrying into the quarters and presence of the Keeps’ (castle) number one occupant.

“You have no doubt been educated of our world perplexing dilemma and responsibility by the good Brothers, have you not?”

The uneasy travelers trembled slightly in his presence. “Yes Brother Jerome!”

“I can’t emphasize enough the gravest of dangers awaiting the world; have been securely suppressed and confined within the walls of this Keep. Recently the ‘Father’ of all evil escaped from imprisonment due to the interaction with an outsider. His invasive and damaging intervention allowed for such an atrocity to occur. We’ve warned him in every way possible…to no avail. We have pleaded with him while we aided in his healing! All we wanted him to do was leave us in peace…leave us in our world of solitude; our business! We entertained and enlightened him. How did he re-pay our indulgences and hospitable generosities? He did not take heed to our warnings! It was he who aided in the re-releasing of that horrible man-killing entity upon the vulnerable existence of mankind! The goodness of it all is his intrepid search and tracking of the beast. Along with the aid of sanctuary Brothers across the globe, we will soon have him back inside, with the ‘Grace and Will of GOD!
And now we have you two… Can you not wonder why we do not offer or accept hospitality or sanctuary from or to outsiders?”

Brother Jerome held their full attention. When Eduardo and Isabelle attempted to explain their reasons for the intrusion, the Holy-Many shrugged and waved for them to stop talking.
“I am fully aware of why you are here and how you have come upon us. So that we fully understand what it is you intend to do from this point forward, remains to be seen.
In order for us to properly protect you while you are here, we must provide you with as much pertinent information as heavenly possible. You will need to arm yourselves – prepare yourselves, should we fail to do so; no man-made weapons will defeat this evil. The only salvation is guidance from the ‘Most-High’ and his humble but vigilant disciples.”

Brother Jerome reached for a book high up on the highest of shelves in the northwest well of his office. The volume was old and dusty but firm and fully intact. The thickness of it readily suggested an abundance of recorded knowledge.
The Holy-Man sat back down behind his opulent oaken desk while motioning the travelers to do the same. He then fumbled about the inside of his robes and produced a small pair of reading spectacles. The brother proceeded in further espoused enlightenment. He leafed through a few pages before reading to them samples of the text therein:
It is said that once a lion planned to go live in another land. Then all the beasts held a convention. He told them all of his intention, and they ‘should select a king.'” He thought he’d not be back again. The beasts requested that he provide another lion. He answered that he had no heir. He had not raised one – he did not dare. Among themselves must be their guest to find the one who’d govern best. And thus it was they who chose the wolf, for no one else was bold enough to dare take anyone but he (even though all of them thought the wolf was a villain).
Yet, he assured them all, and swore he’d love them best forever. They went to the lion next and picked a clever beast, extremely fast and versatile, provided that his heart and will were as they ought to be – sincere.
But one thing caused the lion fear – that the wolf for counselor would pick the fox who knew well how to trick; both are insidious and base.
If from the wolf they wanted peace, on Holy relics, he must swear that he’d touch no beast anywhere and that forever he would not eat any meat, no matter what.
The wolf then most willingly swore to more than what was asked of him. But when he had been bound by oath, and whether lion set out, the wolf had a vicious craving for some meat. He made plans for deceitful purposes. He intended to get the beasts to all agree and give him leave accordingly.
The wolf then summoned a ‘Doe-Deer,’ and secretly questioned her. If for his love of truth, she would tell about wolf’s breath – how did it smell?
She said it smelled terrible, almost unbearable! The wolf was very angry then. He sent a summons to his men… He questioned all those who had come. He asked them what kind of sentence would be given when someone spoke such things to his Lord’s face, such words of shame, slur, and disgrace. Should this one die? They all attested. The wolf then had the deer arrested. While they all watched, he killed the deer and ate the better part of her. To help cover his crime, he proclaimed that he’d share portions of the kill, what remained, with them.

After his hunger pangs had ceased, he called for another beast. He questioned her in the same way as the first. How smelled his breath – what would she say? The poor thing would much rather lie than tell the truth for fear of suffering and death. So she replied that she would know of and smelled no scent. It was fragrant and very excellent.
The wolf summoned his cabinet and asked his barons, when they met, what punishment he should decree to one who would lie so deceitfully. They all judged that she must die. When they caught her, they brought her before the wolf. He killed her, tearing her limb-from-limb, and ate her all up…right in front of them.
Time passed. The wolf observed a monkey. He was fat and quite well fed. Oh how he had coveted that monkey. He desperately wanted to eat him, to devour him.
One day, the wolf went to him. He inquired about his breath – did it stink or smell quite sweet – “what do you think?”
The monkey was extremely sly. He was in no way intending to die. So he replied that he didn’t know. The wolf didn’t know what to do. The monkey could not be condemned because no intended harm was done.
The wolf went to bed feigning illness. He complained to all the beasts. He thought he would never get well. They all came in turn, paying him a call. They sent out for doctors so that they may know if he’d be well again. The doctors were all at a loss to know. None of them found or saw a thing wrong nor could they find a cause. There was no injury to cause such a mood. If only he would desire some food!
“I have desired food, good doctors. I have entertained no other wish for some time now. I have had no other wish except to eat some monkey flesh. Of course you know of My Oath, where I loath to touch another beast unless I can justify it very well; my barons could ratify it!”

They all gathered together and gave this view:
“That is what he must do. There is no cure for what ails his heart’s desire, No cure.”
Their remedies could not be sure. When the Wolf-King heard of what they advocated, he seized the monkey, killed him, and ate him. On all in turn, one-by-one, sentence was passed:
His oath to none of them was fast or sure.
Thus, by the the wise man, we are taught that we, no matter what, must not ever make a wicked man ‘Seignior,’ nor show such a one honor.
His loyalty is as much a pretense with strangers as it is with his close friends. And toward his people he will, at as did the wolf, with his sworn pact.

Brother Jerome closed the book and stared at the man and woman, of what seemed like a long moment in time.


“They say there is no sin in killing a beast, only in killing a man… But where does one begin and the other end?”


Isabelle and Eduardo looked at one another and then back at Brother Jerome in bewilderment. They had no answer to give.
Brother Jerome smiled and rose to his feet. He walked over to the bookshelf and returned the big book to its proper place. Breaking the silence, he asked, “Why is it, the so-called educated, do not have or acquire the good sense of knowing better?”

Brother Jerome walked over to the only window in his office and peered up at the brightly shinning full moon. It provided a brilliant light against the blackened night-time sky. It cast a broad spectrum of white, silver, and gray light over all that was touched by its glow. He mentioned for the pair to come over and join his gaze.
Once they arrived, he pointed to a field of shrubbery. It appeared like a field of black foliage in the night. The brother explained to them in the day light, the plants are a brilliant green with small and vividly white blossoms when bloomed. They only bloom in the light of the full moon! The puzzled man and woman looked at one another with frightful bewilderment and astonishment. Somehow, the explanation had contained…a familiar ring to it; an eerie memory. They then heard a growl. It was an intensely loud growl and not too far away. It, the growl, was followed by a ferociously sinister howl-like that of a wolf.
Shaken with fright and ice-cold fear, they turned to see Brother Jerome standing behind them, clutching his walking-staff very tightly. He stared at them intently and began to speak – almost trance-like…


“Even a man, who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night; may become a wolf when the ‘Wolf-Bane’ blooms and the Autumn Moon is bright!”


“You cannot leave here tonight, even though we do not want you.”

Eddie questioned his statement and the meaning of why they couldn’t leave. The brother took him aside so that Isabelle could not hear his words. “Eduardo, you and your companion cannot leave because she bears the mark of death… ‘The Five Pointed Pentagram’ lies upon the right palm of her hand!”

“Bullshit Mr. Holy Man!” Isabelle could clearly see that whatever the Holy Man said to Eddie, surely shook him up – and she knew the conversation was about her as well. “She hasn’t got a mark on her! She only felt a little sick and feverish because we were caught out in the elements tonight. What damned mark of death? Man, you all must be crazy or high on something in here – you’re all full of shit! We’ve got enough for our research and story. Come on ‘Izzy,’ we’re getting the hell out of this looney bin!”
Eduardo reached for the tearfully and frightened woman. They started for the door.

“STOP!” The monk shouted. Stop Mr. Hushmanzata – should you and she leave here tonight you will surely meet your deaths!”

The horror filled pair kept moving toward the door. “Mr. Hushmanzata, please STOP! Look at the right palm of her hand!”

They stopped moving and stepped back away from the door. Eduardo turned Isabelle’s hands over, palms up. Shock, spine tingling horror, and blood curdling terror would not be strong enough words to describe their current demeanor or disposition. The shadowy image of the five-pointed pentagram – the five pointed star that disappeared and re-appeared on the entire palm of her hand gave them blue veined cold fright. It brought them to a high level of indescribable fear and graveyard-cold terror that no one has ever been able to present to a living soul. They backed away from the door, fumbling for the chairs they recently occupied as Brother Jerome attempted to provide some form of comfort.

Brother Jerome attempted to calm the ‘un-invited guests’ with another lai of warning and defensive preparation.

“Allow me my children, to enlighten you once again before tomorrow’s departure.” They all three jumped when a thunderous boom hit the chamber door. Brother Jerome rushed to the door and reinforced the existing bolts with a thick crossbar and a large high-backed chair as well. He tightly gripped his Holy-Walking Staff and raised it above his head while citing a warning to the incensed intruder.




The door suffered another thunderous boom along with the rattle and shaking of ceiling and wall plagues and fixtures – the thing let loose a deep rumbling growl and a fiery roar in response to the brother’s challenge and defiance. But, begone, it did – the door bumped and banged no more and the air was silent save the howling of the wind.



Brother Jerome gathered himself and assisted us in picking up the fallen chairs and items about the chamber. He continued speaking…
Bis Claveret was a nobleman who was married to a lovely lady; he was once in the habit of disappearing for three days of every week. This habit deeply distressed his wife. She wanted to know what it is he does but he refused to tell her. However, she insists, he give in and reveals to her that he is a ‘Werewolf!’ He further stated that is the reason for spent time away from home. He needed to hunt while in the form of a wolf. In order for him to return to his human shape, he needed his clothes. The lady convinced him to tell her of the secret hiding place for his clothes. She planned to get rid of him and instructed her lover to assist her in the deed. The woman sent her lover to steal the husband’s clothes so that he would remain in the woods and forest Lands as a Wolf.

“There is much more to which enlightenment is required… The conception of witches, in its full blown capacity, going to a Sabbat led to the assumption of parallel gathering of wolves, as told by Boquet in 1603. The devil had an alternative trick, even more farfetched… In England, we often see men changed into wolves at the changes of the moon,” as recorded by ‘Gervais of Tilbury.”

Lycanthropy was not simply folklore or legend. It was, just as much as witchcraft, a sin against GOD. The crime was even more ruthlessly punished by the laws governed by the “Great Inquisition,” as recorded in the volumes, “Hallow” and “Hallow II.”

“Alas, we do share a dilemma, for we are hated by all the Demons of Hell and Satan himself! He has not forgotten his dungeon prison of “Truth and Justice;” locked in by the staff blessed with the “Power of the Most High!

Have you traveled through any woodlands or dense thicket while coming to this place?”

Eddie answered in a shaken voice, “Why yes, we got lost a couple of times and stumbled through the moor as well as the woods.”

“Do you feel something weighty upon your shoulders, your left shoulder in particular?” Jerome asked.

“Yes Brother, now that you’ve mentioned it, it does feel like something is on my back – my shoulder. The more I think about it, the heavier it becomes…Ouch! Something is digging into my flesh… Damn; there’s blood on my shirt, I’m bleeding!”

“You have been targeted and claimed My Son – By An Elemental!”

Isabelle and Eduardo hurried along… After starting the car, the pair drove off. The howling of the wolf sounded again. Isabelle was deathly frightened. Eduardo sat in the silence and harbored a grizzly grin.

“Yes, let us hurry and get back to town, I’m very hungry.”

“There are more things in heaven and earth…!”


…Til Next Time.



“Howl Of An Angel” Pt.1 and Pt.2
Hallow II: A Portentous Epoch of Sagacious Redolence and Epiphany
(“A Significant Era of Perceptive Aroma and Vision”)

“My name is ‘Eduardo Tirilius Williams Hushmanzata”

~”By The Light Of The Silvery Moon”~







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