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‘Healthcare Reform:”Old Time Politics – Again”‘
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

“Red Next To Black, Friend to Jack – Red and Yellow, Kill A Fellow!”
“The ‘Healthcare Bill’ projected by the GOP, will surely kill many people!”

Brother ‘Obama’ spoke straight from the heart — directly to Republicans steamrolling the demise of the so-called “Obamacare.”


“Public service is not about sport or notching a political win…It’s to make people’s lives better, not worse!”
~President Barack Obama~


Nancy Pelosi writes in her email messages:

“Now, I’m emailing again because people’s lives are at stake.

Right now the Senate’s hopes and dreams of squashing President Obama’s legacy are hanging by a thread. Senate Republicans’ final health repeal bill is sickening. They ignored moms and dads who are terrified that their sick kids will lose care. They ignored elderly Americans who will be bankrupted by medical costs.
Gregory, they were driven solely by their vicious hatred for President Obama. We need a massive surge of grassroots opposition — bigger than we’ve EVER seen before — to force McConnell to hear our demands!

The DSCC adds in a survey:

“We asked what’s driving you to resist?”

“The Top Three Concerns Are ‘Protecting The Affordable Care Act,’ ‘Social Security and Medicare,’ and ‘Climate Change!’
“We need to stop the GOP’s plan to repeal “The Affordable Care Act (what they like to call “Obamacare”),” to fight the unfair tax plan that benefits billionaires at the expense of working families, and put an end to Trump’s drastically devastating budget endeavor!”

“Mitch McConnell just released his Obamacare repeal bill — and it’s SICKENING!

He’s planning to strip millions of health care just to destroy President Obama’s incredible legacy. We can’t let them play games with people’s lives just to insult President Obama!

Mitch McConnell just released his new bill to repeal Obamacare — and it’s just as bad as we expected. This bill still aims to rip health care coverage away from millions of Americans, raise costs, and eliminate critical protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

But here’s the thing: undecided Republicans are going to try to use a few small band-aid solutions in the revised bill as political cover for supporting this disastrous plan!”

The Proof Is In The Putting:

“Winners and Losers Complicate GOP’s Path on Health Care Bill”
Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press, Associated Press
Associated Press writer Jennifer McDermott in Providence, Rhode Island, contributed to this report.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans’ latest health care plan would create winners and losers among Americans up and down the income ladder, and across age groups.

“It would give consumers more responsibility for their insurance choices, a goal long held by conservatives who argue that’s key to a true health care market. Younger adults and healthy people in the solid middle class may find more agreeable options. But low-income people may not be able to afford coverage, along with older and sicker adults.

And there are potential unintended consequences for people with employer-provided insurance, currently about 170 million Americans. Allowing individuals to pay premiums from tax-sheltered accounts may create incentives for employers to stop offering coverage, say some independent analysts.

The legislation would put limits on federal spending for Medicaid, a partnership program with states to cover low-income people, the disabled and nursing home residents. The drawback is that state officials could eventually face no-win choices, such as having to pick between paying for coverage for low-wage working mothers and support services for elderly people trying to stay out of nursing homes.

As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., steers toward debate and votes next week, here is a look at some of the latest changes and major issues:



The new Senate bill incorporates the core of a proposal from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, that would reorganize the market for policies purchased by individuals. As many as 20 million Americans get coverage this way, about half through subsidized markets like HealthCare.gov, created under former President Barack Obama.

Cruz would change basic requirements that Obama’s law imposed on individual plans, including standard benefits such as pregnancy, maternity and newborn care; wellness visits and mental health treatment. The law also requires the same premium rates for sick and healthy people.

Under the Cruz approach, an insurer can offer plans that don’t comply with such requirements, provided they also offer coverage that does. The problem, say critics, is that the healthy would flock to low-premium, skimpy plans, leaving the sick to face escalating prices for comprehensive coverage.

“Healthy people would have opportunities to buy lower-premium, skinnier plans, while people with pre-existing conditions not eligible for premium subsidies could find themselves priced out of insurance,” said Larry Levitt of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.

The latest bill includes another $70 billion to help states keep health insurance affordable for older, sicker customers. But it’s not clear how those backstops would work, and the federal funding eventually would end.

Some insurers are worried because of a technical change with huge practical implications: Health plans that enroll healthier customers would no longer have to cross-subsidize those with sicker patients, as is currently required.

“We think it is unworkable,” said Justine Handelman, top Washington lobbyist for the BlueCross BlueShield Association. She predicted skyrocketing costs for taxpayers also, stuck with the bill for sicker patients.



McConnell’s new bill made a major change to tax-sheltered health savings accounts, which was also advocated by Cruz.

Under the bill, health savings accounts could be used to pay premiums with pre-tax money. Under current law, they can only be used to cover out-of-pocket costs, such as deductibles and copayments.

The change is meant to level the playing field for people buying individual plans, as compared to people getting employer coverage. The value of workplace insurance is tax-free for employees and tax-deductible for employers.

But some analysts say McConnell risks undermining workplace coverage.

The upside is that the change might encourage more self-employed people to buy individual health insurance policies. The downside is that some employers may see it as an invitation to drop health benefits, particularly since the GOP also would repeal Obama’s requirement that larger companies provide health care or face fines.

“Allowing individuals to purchase insurance with pre-tax dollars eliminates one of the advantages to employer-provided insurance,” said Elizabeth Carpenter of the Avalere Health consulting firm. “That may lead some employers to consider whether or not they want to continue to offer health insurance.”



McConnell kept some of the Obama-era tax increases used by Democrats to finance expanded coverage. But the money will be going to shore up private insurance, not the Medicaid program. Medicaid accounts for half or more of the 20 million Americans gaining coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

Medicaid covers low-income people, from many pregnant women and newborns, to disabled people and many elderly nursing home residents. The GOP bill would start by phasing out enhanced federal financing for Obama’s Medicaid expansion, adopted by 31 states. Perhaps more significantly, it would limit future federal funding for the overall program. As a result, it’s estimated Medicaid would cover 15 million fewer people by 2026.

The bill would add $45 billion to help states confronting the opioid epidemic pay for treatment and recovery. But that hasn’t swayed the American Medical Association, which points out that people in recovery also need comprehensive health insurance.


Republican governors don’t like the Medicaid cuts, and some have been vocal. About half the states that expanded Medicaid now have GOP chief executives.


Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican who oversaw a Medicaid expansion, said more than 200,000 people gained coverage in his state.”

“You think about 210,000 men, women and children, senior citizens, the drug addicted, the chronically ill,” Sandoval said. “These are people that used to get their treatment in emergency rooms, if they got any treatment at all. I keep going back to the fact that they are living a better quality of life.”




Further research reveals through other reports as well, “around twenty-five to more than thirty thousand children from Philadelphia were removed from the ‘Medicaid rolls.’

This particular recorded era came to life at the end of 2012. It was supposed to be part of an effort to eliminate patients with outdated paperwork. According to the ‘City Paper, The Bell Curve, CP’s Quality-O-Life-O-Meter, April 5, 2012, #1401 – The Naked City also said that ‘Corbett,’ the former governer, made grossly negligent statements regarding under-privledged children and their healthcare dilemma.

“If these children want healthcare, they should be willing to fight for it…may the odds be ever in your favor, little girl with brittle bones.”

What are we supposed to make of that type of position and/or statement from an elected official who happens to be an employee of and for the ‘TAXPAYERS’ – who might happen to be recipients of ‘Medicare,’ ‘Medicaid,’ ‘Social Security,’ ‘Disability,’ ‘a paycheck of The Working Poor,’ or ‘Welfare?’

Mr. Tom Tomorrow posted a brief glossary of terms on the healthcare issue. The cartooned skit was posted in the ‘Philly City Paper as well as the aforementioned reports. Tom wrote ‘The Modern World’ comic grid featuring a healthcare conversation…a definition at best.

Single Payer:
Rational health care system, deemed politically unpalatable to low-information voters.

The First Man said:
“Universal Healthcare is the first step on the path to communist tyranny!”

The Second Man said:
“Like up there in Canada!”


Insurance Industry Profit:
Primary purpose of American Health System as currently structured (remember, its 2012)

The Man said:
“Here’s how it works – you pay premiums…and we look for reasons to deny you coverage.”


Public Option:
Watered down version of single payer: would have provided alternative to private insurers deemed unpalatable to the insurance industry.

The Man said:
“Competition is well and good, but let’s not get carried away.”


Individual Mandate:
Market driven plan first proposed by conservative heritage foundation and first implemented by Mitt Romney.

An ’emoji’ or cartoon image of what is supposed to look like President Obama is presented:
“It will be a triumph of bipartisanship! How can my Republican friends object?”


Term used by G.O.P. to describe heritage plan after adoption by President Obama.

Politician #1 said:
“Individal mandate? What is that, French for “Government Death Panels?”

Politician #2 said:
“I blame Saul Alinsky!”

Politician #3 said:
“Er…yes! Quite right! I too am outraged!”


Supreme Court:
Judicial body with power to overturn ‘The Affordable Care Act’ (a.k.a. “Obamacare”), thanks to the adoption of individual mandate.

Justice #1 said:
“Isn’t this exactly like forcing people to eat broccoli?”

Justice #2 said:
“I hate broccoli!”

Justice #3 said:
…Another ’emoji’ or cartoon image of what is supposed to look like Judge Clarence Thomas, just sits and smiles and whistles to himself as he stares off into space; as complacent as possible.


Transvaginal Probes:
The only healthcare mandate conservatives currently support.

The First Man said:
“Government should keep its invasive laws off our bodies!”

The Second Man said:
“Unless we are women seeking abortions!”

The First Man said:
“Which we are not! …Are we?”




Is a public service job supposed to be a lifetime appointment to the house of capital hill or any other public or government entity? What would they do if they were threatened with the loss of his or her health care coverage? I wonder…

This reporter will not get into the listing of what ‘President Barack Obama’ has brought to us…his many accomplishments as our president is public record and a bit too long to place within this posting. …And they have the nerve to attempt at erasing this man’s accomplishments – impossible to do – way too many good things have happened under his watch!


“Public service is not about sport or notching a political win…It’s to make people’s lives better, not worse!”


I wonder if all of us will get off our resting butts and Vote…the next time around?


we all should remember…



Til Next Time…







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“Red Next To Black, Friend to Jack – Red and Yellow, Kill A Fellow!”
‘Didn’t You Know I Was A Snake?’












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Word to The Wise

Word to The Wise

“Treatment Denied!”
Gregory V. Boulware

A 60 year old “Registered Nurse” walked into a Philadelphia Community Health Center seeking help. The pubic clinic was supposed to open at 7:30 A.M. The staff inside did not open its doors until 7:50 A.M. The crowd of about twenty-five people began arriving at or before 7 A.M. The old and the young lined up with no place to sit there weary, sick, and aching bodies. A pole alongside the building was the only comfort zone. The people were made up of a multi-racial community. Some where able to walk while others walked with canes or where in wheel-chairs. The woman (once inside), who lined the patients along an inside wall, treated the people like they were illiterates. She spoke like that of a ‘Master Drill Sergeant.’
“All right, now listen up closely! I don’t want to repeat myself! All those of you who are here for the first time…line up over here! All of you who have received treatment before – that means if you’ve been here before, as I’m sure that many of you have…line up over there and have all of your paperwork ready! Does any one have any questions before I walk away? Good, now let’s get to it! Yo lady, I said over there, didn’t you hear me?”

Doesn’t this just make you angry?

Some of the old folk weren’t able to hear, move, contemplate, or suffered some other debilitating ailment that prevented them from adhering to the rigorous et al instructions. The nurse seeking help for severe arthritic pain and swelling depended on a cane to assist in her limited mobility. She spent several hours in the mix of ailing individuals who were, like her, seeking medical assistance. Every emergency telephone number that was contacted suggested…insisted that she seek emergency medical assistance and guidance via the Philadelphia Community Health Center. I watched as many of the individuals who were waiting on line since before 7 A.M. depart, nearly as soon as they were briefly interviewed. They all waited in the heat for an hour or more only to be told that you had to seek assistance elsewhere or we cannot provide assistance to you. Some folks who appeared to be homeless, for some unbeknownst reason, where not turned away for lack of treatment. The help-seeking nurse was told they couldn’t help her with her painful knees of severe headache. They gave her a list of other community health centers and sent her on her way.

Prior to this health treatment sojourn, the 60 year old nurse did attempt to capitalize on the new healthcare programs. Once inquiring online, the telephone jumped off the holder. The quoted and listed premiums were priced so far out of reach, one would need a six figure salary in order to affordably qualify for coverage. The 40 year veteran registered nurse; for 15 years, worked part-time as a nursing assistant instructor for a prominent healthcare workers union, is not able to afford the healthcare she has provided to thousands upon thousands of patients at many hospitals and nursing centers throughout the Philadelphia area. This professional, proficient, and highly knowledgeable registered nurse served in this profession until her knees have virtually disintegrated. Standing, let alone walking has become an unbearable to nearly impossible task. However, she has managed to attend her students throughout this ailment that has plagued her for many years.

Doesn’t this just make you angry?

The schedule for nursing assistance training classes is sporadic, thus allowing for breaks or separation in employment status. Not being able to qualify for general medical assistance or disadvantaged enough to take advantage of government healthcare programs, is like being “between a rock and a hard place.” What’s a person to do when you make to much to qualify for the help they say you can afford while the reception of unemployment benefits say otherwise?

Help was sought at the nearest hospital as well. The emergency room staff were pleasant enough. The medical staff weren’t to quick to see patients. It appeared that this nurse would finally receive the deeply needed health care attention after her blood pressure was taken. It was extremely high…high enough to produce a stroke. The Med Students practiced their bed-side manner on a woman who had been in the business before they were born. She didn’t tell them she was a nurse. The only one that knew was the intake clerk. They simply patronized another patient seeking care without a chance in hell of receiving treatment. They would not send the poor woman to the x-ray department because she couldn’t pay for it. They wouldn’t treat the high-blood pressure symptoms because, as the excuse went, its only been one day. This reporter recalls having a headache for more than three days. I made an attempt to ignore the pain, but it just wouldn’t stop. The fifth day at ‘Chestnut Hill Hospital,’ my pressure was taken and treatment was ordered immediately. I was right at the cusp of having a stroke. I didn’t have health insurance (at that time) either…and I was not turned away because the high pressure reading was only detected for just one day! They (and my wife) saved my life!

So how is it that the medical staff at ‘Jeanes’ Hospital’ can, in earnest, deny a needy patient assistance? Let alone, a colleague?

Advisors have suggested applying to Social Security. By the time that process is processed, a body could become quite dusty in the wait. And that includes the possibility or probability of “No You Don’t Qualify!”

I think, in some sort of conscience clearing, they provided a knee immobilizer to hopefully help another human being who happens to be a colleague…maybe.

Doesn’t this just make you angry?

If it doesn’t, you’re probably a very rich or financially well-off individual without a sense of what it is to be poor; or working class poor and have never had to live from paycheck to paycheck; nor have you ever had to wonder what its like to wonder if you’ll be able to feed your kids – if you’ll be able to care for yourself once you’ve become old.

Meanwhile, as the bones crumble further, and the popping of over-the-counter-headache cure-all’s, healthcare patients who were health care providers are continually (like everyone else without coverage) kicked to the curb with a parting song of “don’t come back unless you have some type of health coverage.”

Is this how we want to treat our healthcare professionals…the people who have helped and saved us over and over again? I can’t help but wonder how many of you remember how our troops were and are treated upon there arrival home – i.e., our ‘Viet Nam Vets?’

What would you do if or when this happens to you – “Treatment Denied?”

Til Next Time…



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