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“The One Thing I Know Is…”

In the Lab

“Well Dr. Caldwell, what do you think is wrong?”

“I’m not sure… I might need to do a more thorough investigation to the problem at hand.”

“Doc, can you please tell me what the nature of the problem is…?”

“I don’t know.”

“But Doc, what do you know?”

“The one thing that I do know is…I don’t know. Do you know how many people are willing to admit they don’t know something?”

“No Doc, how many?”

“I don’t know.”

The quote from the title refers to what the character, ‘Dr. Caldwell’ of the hit television show of the seventies fame, ‘Sanford and Son, uses in response to questions he doesn’t have the answers to.

Now, this author doesn’t practice the art of knowing everything…just makes attempts at trying to know about anything and everything. If you can dig it!

“The one thing that I do know is…How to Understand Technology!”


Business Intelligence (BI) and Information Technology (IT) virtually, methodically, and basically go arm-in-arm. Students who are majoring in business, i.e., administration, management, marketing, accounting, etc., will find that BI and IT have morphed into one entity. One does not do without the other.


When a program or a computer is not operating the way that it is supposed to, we take steps to correct them…we want it fixed. When a person is sick or not behaving the way that one should, we call a doctor or a particular professional to make things right again, right? Well a patch is what IT pros (and non-pros) use to make corrections to the program or computer. They fix the things that are wrong in the program or the computer. Many would rely on a computer geek to get their PC’s up and running. That’s one of the reasons that IT personnel rely on updates to offset the possibility of glitches or malfunctions. In the case of the Matrix movie, “Neo” can be described as the patch, the thing or program that is sent to make things right. One could also interpret the Neo program as the ultimate program or an upgrade. What would the purpose of the all-seeing, all knowing Oracle represent? Can it be viewed as an “All Mighty Being?”

The cloud as we know it; a metaphor for the Internet based upon how the Internet is depicted in computer network diagrams; is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided. SaaS (Service as a Software) over the Internet, as I’ve mentioned in previous postings, is the driving force.



It definitely takes new tactics and skill sets in order to acquire a position in the new world of IT, Communications, and Analytics. Sentiment Analysis is gauging the mood of Social Networks and is being incorporated by companies monitoring Community-Driven Websites.



The jobs creation claims it’s logical for Microsoft to point to the cloud providers. Tech vendors plan to double its’ workforce this year. They’re saying cloud and mobile applications are giving birth to millions of U. S. jobs.

That perplexing boast causes me to wonder; if that’s the case, why is the national unemployment rate at record highs? The United States Unemployment numbers read between eight and ten percent. These numbers are devastating to the U. S. economical system.


A Few Tech Definitions From A to Z:


A loosely defined set of technologies developed by Microsoft. ActiveX is an outgrowth of two other Microsoft technologies called OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) and COM (Component Object Model). As a moniker, ActiveX can be very confusing because it applies to a whole set of COM-based technologies. Most people, however, think only of ActiveX controls, which represent a specific way of implementing ActiveX technologies.

Ad Hoc:

Description of Research Group:

An ad hoc network is an autonomous system of routers (and associated hosts) connected by wireless links–the union of which form an arbitrary graph. The routers are free to move randomly and organize themselves arbitrarily; thus, the network’s wireless topology may change rapidly and unpredictably. Such a network may operate in a standalone fashion, or may be connected to the larger Internet operating as a hybrid fixed/ad hoc network.

This group is concerned with the study of Ad hoc Network Systems (ANS). Ad hoc networks are complex systems, with cross-layer protocol dynamics and interactions that are not present in wired systems, most prominently between the physical, link and network (IP) layers.  The IETF community and the wider research community could benefit from research into the behavior of ad hoc networks that would enable advanced routing protocol development. This research group will endeavor to develop sufficient understanding in topic areas of interest to enable the desired protocol specification work.


Administrative Law; to resolve legally, rulemaking, investigation and enforcement, administrative process. The administration of law by administrative agencies.




Short for Data Definition Language, DDL is a computer language that is used to define data structures. In Database Management Systems (DBMS), it is us…


Short for Data Definition Language, DDL is a computer language that is used to define data structures. In Database Management Systems (DBMS), it is used to specify a database scheme as a set of definitions (expressed in DDL). In SQL, the Data Definition Language (DDL) allows you to create, alter, and destroy database objects.



PHP is responsible for powering an extraordinarily large segment of the Web, driving significant parts of many of the world’s most trafficked websites, among them Facebook and Yahoo. Facebook’s reliance on PHP is so great that they’ve even gone so far as to create Hip-hop for PHP, a utility that converts PHP code into highly optimized C++, resulting in the ability of the Facebook API tier to double its performance while reducing CPU usage.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)

Attacks The Problem:

There are several tools being distributed on compromised computers that allow vandals to remotely control those computers to launch attacks rendering a victim’s computers inoperable. The attacks of several prominent Web sites during the week of February 6-12, 2000 used these Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack tools. The nature of the attack is such that it is very difficult to stop and next to impossible to prevent single-handedly. Some sites have experienced several days of downtime while trying to restore services.

The core problem is the existence of the compromised computers used to create the attack

(note 1).

RSS: Rich Site Service

RSS Optional Channel Elements

In creating an RSS feed (also called an RSS document) Optional Channel Elements are tags you can include in your feed, but are not required in order for the feed to work. Optional channel elements are added in the beginning of your feed and require an open and close tag.


                     Real property and the law

                       Land use and Development

                       Interest in Real Estate, Legal Descriptions

                       Forms of Real Estate Ownership

                       Transfer of title

                       Landlord and Tenant Interest

                       Environmental Issues in Real Estate

                       Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens

                       Title Records

                       Real Estate Contracts

                       Real Estate Financing

                      Pa. Real Estate Licensing Law

  1. Air Rights–The right to use the open space above a property, generally allowing the surface to be used for another purpose; The rights to use the open space or vertical plane air above the land. Air rights may be redefined by the courts to include Solar Access Rights. (ex.-Tall buildings to be interfering with the smaller building’s sun rights.






The physical taking of the deed by the grantee.


The seller’s agreement to the terms of the agreement of sale.


A formal declaration of one’s signature before a notary public.


A mortgage which charges an interest rate which may rise or fall dependent on the movement of the standard by which the interest is gauged.

Diversity Training, The Do’s and Don’ts

Summary Diversity training can improve the company’s bottom line. Tailor diversity training to your needs. Don’t tolerate harassment or weak diversity efforts.

Before you roll your eyes and groan the next time your boss announces a diversity-training workshop, consider this: Diversity training, when conducted properly and under the right circumstances, can dramatically improve not only employee relations but a company’s bottom line.

This book is packed with a whole bunch of factual IT/BI data, Technical Techniques, and loaded with time tested solutions to your Information Technology Library and Study Reference. It’s the perfect learning tool for the novice or beginning Tech Student as well!

The P-O-S-D-C Of Management – A Student Aid

Students should also become familiar with the process of management and what is required to become a manager. The best managers are well informed and are acutely aware of team needs. The needs of the team are met with the managerial support reflecting alternatives and suggestions for a team coordinated solution.


Pupils need every available edge when it comes to studies, whether they know it or not. They should take advantage of every bit of information available, i.e., research articles, white papers, periodicals, magazines, and yes…blogs.

“I was working as a ‘Database Insurance Analyst’ for an insurance company in Blue Bell, Pa., in a contractor capacity, when I wondered what would happen if someone hadn’t shown me how this all worked, you know, computers. I was highly prepared to “hit the ground running” when I walked in the door!”


This new book by Mr. Gregory V. Boulware will be available in the printed version… “It’s Here Right Now!”

‘The One Thing I Know Is…”
5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Full Color on White paper
236 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1502581150 (CreateSpace)
ISBN-10: 1502581159
BISAC: Technology & Engineering / Project Management 



PreGraduation Photo 4 2004

“It’s a simple decision.”






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“Article Posting Sites”





























“The Spirit of the Soul and the Death of Morals: From Whence Comest Thou?” http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18377562-the-spirit-of-the-soul-and-the-death-of-morals   



“The Un-Obscure”







‘The Triplets and One’

http://theeyeofcain.blogspot.com/ http://thehebrew-israelitesandjapan.blogspot.com/ http://theessenceofinvasionandannihila.blogspot.com/ http://yahvehthefatherthelosttribesoftwelve.blogspot.com



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Gregory V. Boulware, Uridite

By Gregory V. Boulware

Accreditation as compared to education is a topic…situation that continues to germinate in our country today. Our future posterity is based solely upon the whims and needs of corporate America – so it seems.

Let’s take a look at the demise of our educational system as opinionated by several Philly college professors, shall we…

There is a lot of hope “Something’s going to blow up,” says Randy LoBasso of Professor Debra Leigh Scott. “We’ve reached a tipping point – we’ve lost knowledge!” She says the ability to transmit knowledge is a huge thing to lose. No one seems to be able to grasp the importance of what it means to lose the ability to properly transmit knowledge to another – especially a younger person, students in particular. Is there a winner? Is there someone, something, some entity that will benefit from the death of education?

The American Association of University Professors, in a report, have found from 1975 to 2003, the number of tenured track positions in higher education have fallen from 56.8% down to 35.1%, according to LoBasso. About one million professors nationwide have the skills to teach up to eleven classes per college semester at any number of schools. The (aforementioned), number of classes may seem like one hell of an enormous workload – with the three thousand dollar a class pay check, could any teacher make ends meet?  The decline of full-time professorships, since the 1970’s, have slapped many a teacher in the face with a reality check.

The report continues to point out the realization of students having to resort to email messaging exchanges between teacher and student. “Students have little to no personal access to faculty beyond the classroom,” says the interviewed professor. Scott says, “The student learning under an overburdened professor may be worse off – being taught by dedicated but demeaned professors who have no offices, who are hired semester-by-semester by today’s colleges and universities for wages lower than the pay checks of employees of K- Mart or McDonalds.”

Professor Scott espouses those sentiments based on the current report and experience of a blog that chronicled another person’s jobs at various universities in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. “We’re all being screwed by the corporatized universities – where the needs of the students and the value of professors are minimized by the pursuit of profit – a profit that benefits neither.

The death of “Student – Teacher – Administration relationships at American University,” (i.e., a previous article, “Planned Disenfranchisement; Interdepartmental Communication Conspiracy – Failure or A Simple Mistake?”- 8.18.2007) Scott says, relies on contingent workers and outsourcing – just like an American corporation. The professor and an associate said they’ve found evidence of corporations moving in and taking over what’s being taught in the college and university classrooms. Many sharp and deep cuts in and of state educational grants and budgets have forced universities to rely more and more on corporate donations – they come with contingents…strings attached. The corporate string-holders want research subjects for pharmaceutical companies – making large donations that are tax deductible. They then guide graduate students into conducting research at the behest of said corporations. The students, unwittingly, become low-paid or unpaid indentured labor on behalf of big pharmaceutical companies.

After graduating and hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, (and according to FinAidOrg’s Student Loan Debt Clock, about 88.2 billion dollars is owed) they become trained frightened, slave-like robots, obedient workers who can only find work at the very corporations who have funded the labs, buildings, and scholarships of schools to which they attend.

The circumstances of this created culture in which “cheating and laziness” on both students and teachers, have become the norm in recent years. It is also perpetuated by the outsourcing climate and its dependency on and by the college and universities financial and hiring decision makers. Currently, online companies who base their existence and continuity around writing student papers have become extremely industrialized participants. These companies generate hundreds of thousands of dollars by cheating-creating so-called original essays based on specific instructions provided by other cheating student’s writing. A pseudonymed author stated in an article by ‘Inside Higher Education,’ “You would be amazed by the incompetence of student’s writing. I have seen the word ‘desperate’ misspelled every which way you can imagine – and these students…couldn’t write a convincing grocery list, yet they are in graduate school.”

Damn…and you thought it was bad at the high school level, huh?  

In another interview that was conducted, a faculty member of a college in Cleveland commented, “I have to believe the university system can be saved. I have kids and I’m not going to stand by and watch their educational future become defunct.” In other words, the dead raising the dead.

Experience gets you nowhere these days. For the past twenty years another college professor says, while working as a part-time professor of English, at several colleges in the Philly area, she found time to publish a book and provide editing, writing, and corporate coaching services to business clients. She’s even written plays, which eventually were produced. Albeit, by the time the market crashed in 2008, her resume wasn’t enough. She lost her upscale suburban home and had to move into an apartment with strangers she found an online apartment-listing site on the Internet. “I was like a lot of people, she says, you believe you’re going to find a full-time position – you really think it’s going to happen – then you realize it’s not going to happen…it’s a horrible day.”

Years ago, as I reflect upon this writing, as a struggling student at CCP, I had the opportunity to cross paths with one such part-timer. She was assigned to teach English 101. I knew, as an overworked individual, this teacher was stressed. She even made and announcement to the class that she had several run-ins with students of Color. She went on to say the aforementioned group had threatened her. This particular teacher also proved that she was confrontational, biased, and disillusioned based on her experiences with ethnic groups. This woman actually accused me of plagiarism…a paper that I submitted for a writing assignment. Now how does one plagiarize one’s self? I submitted an English essay from a previous class – to which I had received an ‘A.’ I wrote the paper for an assignment from another class at the school – a business class. The paper was based on an experience encountered during my tenure in the transportation industry. It was a good essay, I must admit. Needless to say, I did not pass her English 101 course. I suffered the first, only, and last ‘F’ in an array of A’s, B’s throughout my college career…due to racism! Complaints were, of course, filed to no avail.

English compositions were always a strong point for me throughout school – from elementary through high school.  In my opinion, we need to return to the basics of education on all levels – beginning with kindergarten – or we face a never-ending trend towards the educational graveyard and coming in dead last when benchmarked with the educational world at large.

Til next time…


News and Opinion – “Junct Bonds” by Randy LoBasso, PW – Philadelphia Weekly

“Planned Disenfranchisement; Interdepartmental Communication Conspiracy – Failure or A Simple Mistake?”

By Gregory V. Boulware, 8.18.7: http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/post/gregoryboulware/gG5rlx#extended

Proofed by:

Virginia M. Boulware, R.N.