Eruditely and accomplished student; combining formal education with self-education, an aspiring author with endeavors that include life skills, Business Administration, Management, Computer Science, Data Processing/Mining/ETL, RDBMS, Operations, Records, Storage, Indexing, Research, and Customer Service Expertise.

An unbelied and lithe researcher graced with a judicious demeanor – I have earned the Specialized Business Administration and Computer Science Degree from The Berean Institute College of Technology, a Historic African American College (HBCU) in Philadephia, PA with combined collegiate credit(s) that include Management studies at Philadelphia Community College.

Mr. Boulware not only posts opinions, articles, and essays on, but at, Associated Content, and several others as well. His employment resume is easily accessible to employer viewing.
Employers are encouraged to peruse the available links, accomplishments, aspirations, and writings of this affable candidate.

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